Let Geo-Net connect you with friends and colleagues around you! No need to share your location, post pictures or message anyone.

Just go where you want and we will do the rest. Start using Geo-Net and never miss to see a friend again!

By Milan Babic, Alex Giorgetti,
Christophe Trierweiler.

Mission Statement

Geo-Net is designed for you to customise and protect your privacy while still sharing information. You can define exactly what you share with who by using our filters.

As safeguarding your privacy is our primary goal and the foundation on which this app was developed, your data will be encrypted to the highest industry standard.

Create your lists, select your frequently visited Geotags (School/ University, Cafés, Clubs, Gym)and set your privacy settings according to your preference for each individual user, list and/or place.

Furthermore, adjust the ‘cross radius’ around yourself to get notified if any of the friends enters the defined zone.

Send and recive messages from your friends or business partners.

Geo-Net and Geotags

Geo-Net introduces a new way of connecting you with friends and colleagues based on your current location. We defined geographical locations by creating virtual clusters called Geotags, ranging in radius from 50m to 50km. Together, Geotags form a Geo-Net (geographical network). Geotags also vary in type and are allocated to specific places. There are 4 types of Geotags:

1. Global - Available to all users, these are tags we pre-set for you. They mark cities, public spaces, transport hubs, institutions, different venues, hotspots, etc.

2. Custom - Personalise your GeoNet and create up to three Geotags daily! These are usercreated, short or long term tags with maximum 50m radius. Their purpose is to enableusers to either specify an area within an existing, larger Geotag (eg. Geotag a companyoffice within a business district) or create a new Geotag (eg. Geotag someone’s house for24h when organising a house party). These Geotags are only visible to their creator and theusers he/she selects.

3. Event - Create different scale Geotags for events such as conferences, festivals or any other manifestations. Visible to all users, these Geotags are ideal for promotion and advertising. They are created by us, upon user’s request.

4. Emergency - Terrorist activity, storms, traffic accidents or any other threats? Geotag them and let everybody know! These Geotags are visible to all users and intend to increase safety by instantly spreading warnings and exact locations of danger.

Future updates and feedback

As new features become available, we will highlight those for you in the app. Your feedback is welcome and appreciated at Geo-Net, so please subscribe to receive updates and do not hesitate to send us your opinions and suggestions!